Senior Manager


What I do:

Being a Senior Manager, I interact with clients on just about all financial aspects of their business. Starting from the daily transactional activity to major financial reporting, I try to establish an easy going, open line of communication that makes the client feel comfortable and also confident in the reporting and/or processes that I am implementing.

What I like about working for Root:

Coming from a corporate background where I was just a fly on the wall, sat at my desk and just pumped out excel file after excel file, working at Root has really opened my eyes to a different side of accounting and how a business should treat their employees. I was honestly ready to go back to school and start all over again until I landed at Root. Most importantly, working here has made me more secure in my knowledge and it brought back the passion I once had, fresh out of college. It is also really clutch that it's an easy going, flexible environment where I can totally be myself! Root has really blessed my life and saved my sanity.

Favorite Quote:

β€œIt's five o'clock somewhere.” - said every person I know on Friday afternoon.

What I like to do outside of work:

MAJOR sports fan alert! I'm either watching sports or playing sports. But, if I'm not at a tailgate or spiking a volleyball around, you can find me at the beach soaking up some rays or just enjoying some chill time with friends, drinks included.

If I could have a super hero power what would it be and why:

Teleportation! I would like to have the ability to just be in a different country without the hassle or time wasted on flights/cars, etc! Think about it, just being able to instantly pop onto an island with a Pina Colada, sign me up!