What I do:

As the owner of Root, I started the company to help people that cared deeply about what they did to grow their businesses. Working predominantly with start-ups, cash management is always an issue. Even though sometimes we might not have the easiest conversations, I love being able to work with my clients in coming up with solutions to make things work out.

What I like about working for Root:

I'm constantly amazed about creative ways people come up with for business ideas. One of my favorite parts is learning about a new business in a new industry. Most of all, I love the relationships and connections I’ve created as a result of Root. I couldn’t ask for more trusting, caring and loving people.

Favorite Quote:

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” - Joseph Campbell

What I like to do outside of work:

I love to travel with my wife where each year we pick to go somewhere we’ve never been before. Closely related, eating is one of my favorite activities so when we’re not traveling I’m always looking for different restaurants and cuisines to try out. Otherwise, you can find me on the couch reading, watching TV or lounging around with my dog.

If I could have a super hero power what would it be and why:

Communicate with animals because I’m always wondering what they’re thinking, especially my dog. I’d love to be able to have in depth conversations with him about life, especially about chocolate versus vanilla.